What Exactly Are Chin Strap Dildos?

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Sex toy industry is offering a variety of toys to improve your intercourse experience. Dildos, torches, and anal sex toys are just a few to name. The new designs of sex toys can easily amaze anyone because of the way they are meant to be used. A chin strap dildo is such a unique sex toy.

People know what a strap on dildo is, but they have no idea what exactly are chin strap dildos. Yes, it is a sex toy but designed to be used in a different way. Continue reading to reveal what a chin strap dildo is and why it is quite enjoyable.

What is a chin strap dildo?

A chin strap dildo is an adult toy. It comes with strap, which the user needs to wrap around his chin to fit the dildo in position. The attached dildo stays fixed below the user’s mouth and it leaves your mouth free. This design of strap on dildo allows the user to perform penetration and oral clitoral or vaginal sex at the same time.

Oral sex is a great way of pleasing any woman and it becomes more exciting for her when combined with penetration. That’s what a chin strap dildo allows you to do. It is quite a unique type of strap on dildo and your partner would love it if you both want to discover new ways of having erotic pleasure.

Top-rated chin strap dildos are designed to be used by both men and women. Its versatile design makes it a perfect choice for penetration and oral pleasure. Same sex couples would enjoy using it, especially women because they have a lot to do with their partner while keeping both hands free. For highly rated strap on dildos, lovegasm has a lot to show off, so check them out.

This sex toy comes with a tough and slightly curved frame which aids in better penetration. Your chin’s movement will get the dildo to the most erogenous spots in her body. She will enjoy the penetration and the performance of your tongue if you go for it.

What features make a perfect chin strap dildo?

Chin strap dildos are quite popular across the globe. People have seen these sex toys in movies and videos. They have also witnessed the thrill experienced by couples when this sex toy is involved in lovemaking scenes. Therefore, everyone wants to try this sex toy and make their sex life more thrilling and satisfying.

A variety of strap on dildos are sold online. Most of them are designed to be worn around the waist. Chin strap dildos are a little different. These are mostly made of silicone, rubber, or latex. The straps are made of plastic, rubber, leather, and synthetic materials. You can get it in various different colors, but the design would always be the same.

Chin strap dildos come with shafts, 7-8” long. However, you can go for a smaller size or larger size variant of the dildo if standard size shaft does not seem satisfying. Dildo’s width can be 1.25-1.5” and that strap would come with adjustable strap. You can adjust that strap to fit it perfectly around your mouth before beginning the main act.

Sex toy manufacturing companies try their best to offer a realistic appeal to dildos. However, chin strap dildos may come with different designs. It might be equipped with a butt plug instead of a dildo for anal and clitoral pleasure at the same time. Some chin strap dildos also come with vibrating mechanism to stimulate erogenous spots in her body and soothe her sex cravings. All such features make chin strap dildos great for sexual pleasure.

Chin strap dildos are for everyone:

Different people have different sexualities. Some are straight and some are gays or lesbians. They have their own ways of enjoying erotic moments. The chin strap dildo can make those moments more special for all the couples. Women can put it on and begin the oral and penetrative sex at the same time. Men would love to try it when having sex with their partner. Even though you fail to reach the climax with her, put on that chin strap dildo and keep her busy during the act. She won’t complain about you releasing your load so quickly.

How to use a Chin Strap Dildo?

Many of you might be trying it for the first time. There is nothing to worry about because this sex toy will double the fun during the erotic act. Although you might need a little practice to learn how to enjoy two acts together, you will do it within 2-3 attempts. You should focus on learning how this thing works and how the motion of your chin presses that penetrating part ahead.

First of all, fix that chin strap dildo perfectly over your chin. The dildo should be fixed perfectly over your chin if you want to please your partner. Do not let it dangle because controlling the motion would be difficult in this way. Apply a suitable lube over that sex toy and then begin penetration.

Your partner might need a little time to be comfortable. So, you can continue the oral play to arouse her and make her comfortable. Begin moving that chin strap dildo in and out and stay busy with your mouth. That double penetration will lead her to an extreme orgasm like she has never experienced before. This strap on works the best when strapped firmly around the user’s head. So, do not let it loose during the double penetration sex.

Final thoughts:

Now you know what a chin strap dildo is and how cleverly designed sex toy it actually is. You should get it and include it in your erotic plays. You might be already using a strap on but this chin strap dildo will allow you to give the pleasure of oral and penetrative sex simultaneously. Ordinary dildos do not allow you to do that, especially if you also want to play with her upper body parts. That’s why a chin strap dildo is such a great sex toy for both men and women.

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