Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting



Lexmark is a manufacturer of printing and imaging products offering businesses of all sizes and diversions with a broad range of printing and imaging software and services including laser printers and multi-function products for businesses and enterprises.

Lexmark Printer Troubleshooting: Here’s we give you some tips for troubleshooting. However if you feel you require any additional help, then our technicians are available 24×7 for any Lexmark Support Number UK.
Lexmark Printer not printing or my Lexmark Printer will not print: Is the Lexmark Printer installation correctly done on the computer? Try un-installing if you are not sure and then reinstalling the devices software. Do check if the Lexmark Printer is set as the default printer.
lexmark cx410de | lexmark a3 printer | lexmark printer drivers for windows 10Lexmark Printer not printing Black: Here some cleaning of print head nozzles may be required.
Slow print speed: If you notice that the print speed is slower than it usually works, then close all applications which are not in use. Further you can then increase print speed by setting the print quality to “Quick Print” or “Normal Print”. Documents and photos containing graphics may take longer time to print than any regular text. Procuring more Random Access Memory for the computer may also help in increasing printing speed. You can refer Lexmark Customer Service in the CD provided with your Lexmark printer.
Page prints with different fonts: Stretching or resizing fonts in the application may be avoided. A TrueType font may help in standardizing prints in one font.
Lexmark Printer Setup: Expert technicians at Lexmark printer customer service to you to quickly adopt and integrate your Lexmark printing technology. Lexmark authorized technician at In fi Tech support can help you be it at any location you are.
Your device can be configured along with the following service configuration:
• Network and IP address
• Configuration settings
• Driver support provided by the support team
• Power saver settings
• Paper tray settings
Our technician will perform an extensive functional testing of your device and users the key features and functions of the device.
Lexmark Printer Support and Lexmark Wireless Printer Support
There is a need to know your network wireless security settings before you begin the wireless installation. You may have to aware yourself with the terms SSID, WEP, WPA etc to install Lexmark wireless printer. If all this sounds technical, we can help you do it without you understanding those terms. We recommend that you install Lexmark printer under the guidance of an authorized Lexmark technician. All steps for Lexmark Wireless Printer installation can be asked from our expert technicians.


Fix Paper Jam Issue In Canon Printer

Fix Paper Jam Issue In Canon Printer

At whatever point you utilize a printer, there are some normal issues which clients look in a wide range of printers, free of the brand or model. This blog will help you in settling the most well-known issue confronted and is noticeable additionally as you can work your gadget until the point that you settle it. Paper jams are certainty over the life of your printer. Doesn’t make a difference how best in class your machine is, one bit of wrinkled paper can crush it to a stop. In case you’re experiencing regular jams, find the stuck paper, expel it from the stacking plate, clean the stick from the back of the machine, haul out the waste, move ink cartridges, and afterward reload and test printer with the assistance of these general advances gave by Canon Support to dispose of this issue. Take after every guideline precisely:• Turn off the printer and attachment out the power rope of the machine from the electrical plug.
• Open the paper yield cover and take out/expel the paper (even the little buildups) on the front plate assuming any.
• Don’t touch the reasonable firm. In the event that touched unintentionally and smear or scratch it, the printer will harm.
• Check that the stuck sheet isn’t under the FINE cartridge holder if is under FINE holder at that point move the FINE to one side or left edge whichever is anything but difficult to expel the sheet. Hold the FINE cartridge holder and slide it to one side or left edge gradually when you move the FINE cartridge holder.
• Hold the stuck stuff with your the two hands. Draw it on the off chance that it is moved up inside.
• Pull the sheet gradually not to tear it and afterward haul it out.
• Check that if there is any stuck stuff left, all is expelled or not. On the off chance that the sheet was torn while pulling, at that point a few pieces may stay inside the machine. Precisely check the under the FINE cartridge holder, inside the machine and on the privilege or left edge of the machine.
• Close the paper yield over and now reload sheets.
Your everything print occupations are wiped out till now. In the event that vital, republish them. Load paper effectively and ensure you utilize appropriate one. Assuming still, the issue holds on when you endeavor to print in the wake of expelling all stuck sort of stuff, at that point there may be odds of a few pieces left inside the machine. On the off chance that you can’t expel squander or the sheet tears, you should contact the administration focus. Procedures are somewhat unique relying on the model of your Printer.


 Now a day’s a good printer becomes necessity of everyday life. Everyone needs a good printer for their office, school and for other purposes. And if we tal of printer with good printing quality then LEXMARK PRINTERS are the best choice. Lexmark Printers are the product of Lexmark International Inc. and like any other printer users also face some common issues with it.
Do you also have Lexmark Printers? Have you encountered Printing error codes on your Laptop or Pc’s screen? Then sit back and relax. Here we are providing some common Lexmark Printing errors and their fix on how to solve them.
Common Error Codes and its Fixes
1. Error Code 22 : This error implies paper jam or paper out. The solution is to check the paper you are giving for printing and also check its size.
2. Error Code 23 : This Is also Paper Jam. The solution is same as above. Also, one should exit fuser sensor flag and board.
3. Error Code 24 : This implies error with manual feed. For example one may have put another paper to tray when another paper is printing out. The solution is one should not put another paper unless or until printer say so.
4. Error Code 31 : This implies that paper for printing needs to be replaced. Also, one should check if it is of proper size. If there is any problem then reinstall the correct paper size and adjust its setting.
5. Error Code 35 & 36 : These two errors are same. But there is some minute difference as Error 35 implies Paper error and Error 36 implies Load Paper error. The solution is same as one given for Error code 22. Also one can follow solution provided in Error Code 23.
6. Error Code 40 : This error implies about failure of system board. The solution is to replace the system board.
7. Error Code 41 : This error implies that the requested font is unavailable. The solution is simple, you need to install the font card and then print again. One other thing needs to remember that sometime this error is shown as Error Code 42.
8. Error Code 43 : This error will arises due to font card and can be shown as Error Code 44. This happens if font card is removed while the printer is ON. The solution is simple, one need to reset the power source and check if its not a defective font card.
9. Error Code 45 : This error denotes the mistake in downloading character font. The solution is to check system software and set it up.
These are the common error codes that are associated with the use of Lexmark Printer. More updates will be provided in the future for other errors that arises in Lexmark Printer.