Without printers no work is completed. Every individual whether it’s student, professional or any businessman

Printers have become the backbone of the present era. Without printers no work is completed. Every individual whether it’s student, professional or any businessman, they list printers as the important wheel in their career cycle. If we talk of printers in general, than it can be defined as the device which prints all the digital text into paper. But this device is very important for every individual.

Since Printer is a machine so it can also have issue like any other machine if not given proper maintenance. Also it will results in huge disappointment if after typing a document on laptop, the printer does not print. If one is in so much hurry, he/she will find nearest shop or kiosk to print his/ her document. But the best solution to this issue is to fix the printer and troubleshoot the issue that is causing the printer not to print the document. Here are given some tricks and tips on fixing your printer issues:

 Cleaning the Printer

    First and foremost tip for your printer to work properly is to clean it regularly. One should cover the printer with covers when not in use. Since dust and dirt will result in clogging the printer if not covered properly. Also, one can use compressed air or vacuum to clean the printer. In order to clean cartridges, use moisturize Q-tip with water or little bit of alcohol.

    Also it is said, “Prevention is Better than Cure”.

     Maintenance of Printer

      Now since printer is also a machine so it also needs regular maintenance. So it’s important to run the Utility Maintenance at least once a week. If you have any doubts on how to run a utility maintenance for your HP Printer, you can ask the expert at HP Support Number for help. Also, one can go for alternative by printing one colored document since it consumes less ink as compared to previous process. This is done so because frequent use of printer prevents the ink cartridges to dry up or clogging up of nuzzle or head of cartridge.

      Function of Utiility Maintenance

    1. Ink Replacement.

    2. Print Head Alignment.

    3. Head Cleaning.

    4. Nozzle Check.

    5. Also, keeps on checking the status monitor of printer. You may also find out that your printer needs maintenance when it starts having gaps, faint areas or streaks on the printed document.

       Paper Jams

      This is the most common issue for any printer. This can be solved by reinstalling the papers in proper correct way. If the printer still shows issues with paper jams, then check whether paper path have any blockage and remove them.

       Checking the Error Messages

      Every Printer comes with pre installed tech support system. Since if there is any error in the printing then error message with error code will pop up on why it fails to print. One should always keep checking these codes on failure of printing the document. Also, these error messages can be solved by checking the solution to the error code in the manual. Every printer comes with a proper manual which have different error codes and their solution properly explained. If your Printer didn’t have any manual for codes you can contact Epson Support Number. The technical experts available there will solve your issue regarding error codes.

      Therefore, next time if your printer fails to print a document, then instead of running for printing shop or any printing kiosk, try doing what is explained here. Since these simple tricks and tips will help you in long run. It also saves you time, effort & money.

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