Deciding printer equipment or programming issue

Standard printer When a printer can't print it's a decent probability that either the printer is encountering an equipment or programming related issue. Before testing the product it is constantly suggested that the printer be tried for equipment issues first.

Testing Hardware

  1. Watch that paper is stacked and that there are no paper jams.
  2. Check the link associations; both power and information links going from printer and to your PC.
  3. Guarantee that the printer control sign light is on.
  4. Confirm that the printer has no glimmering lights or Red or Orange lights. It is normal for printers to have red, orange, or some other blazing lights when the printer is breaking down.
  5. Run an individual test on the printer. Running an individual test should print a fundamental page of data demonstrating that the printer itself is working. Your clients manual ought to have the guidelines for printing an individual test. In the event that your printer does not print an individual test it's a decent probability that there is an imperfection or misconfiguration with your printer, and you should contact the printer maker.

Testing Software

Windows clients

  1. If conceivable, ensure your printer can print utilizing the above equipment tests.
  2. Install the printer programming gave your printer. On the off chance that no product was given your printer, see the printer drivers page for a posting of printer drivers. Drivers are required for your printer to legitimately work with the working framework.
  3. Click Start, Settings, Printers. Inside the printers box guarantee that your printer maker and model is recorded.
  4. Print a test page by right-tapping the printer symbol and after that tap the Properties choice and snap print test page. In the event that the test page does not print download the most recent drivers from your printer maker. A posting of printer drivers can be found on our printer drivers page.
  5. If the page prints effectively, get again into the printers window, right-tap the printer and guarantee that there is a check alongside Set as default. More up to date forms of Windows likewise demonstrate a check beside the printer symbol once it has been set as the default printer.
  6. Once the printer is set as default, click Start, Run, and sort notebook and press enter. In scratch pad, type a test message and snap File and Print. On the off chance that the printer additionally prints effectively from this program however you are as yet unfit to print from the other program, it is likely that program has an issue and not your printer.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 clients -

Older printers that worked in past renditions of Windows may never again work in new forms. On the off chance that your printer has worked in a past rendition of Windows, however isn't working with another one, check with your printer maker to take in your choices.

MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 clients -

Get to a MS-DOS provoke and play out the means underneath.

Step 1:cd\ <>/p

step 2: dir > lpt1

In the wake of doing the above summon, your printer should start printing the index posting. In the event that your printer prints it, it is suggested that you reinstall your printer drivers. In the event that your printer does not print and you have played out the equipment tests, it is likely that your printer or the links are terrible. Contact your printer maker for extra help and repair.

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