Today I am gonna talk about Windows Task Manager.

What is Windows Task Manager?

Windows Task Manager is a software in Windows operating system which is used in doing multiple works related to closing any running computer program, to observe the performance of your computer, Downloading and uploading speed of your system and for other things.

Windows task manager is the first step thought to any beginner who is learning to operate a computer. We all learnt the first thing about windows task manager is that it is used to stop or close computer running program which is not working properly. Sometimes when we are using our computer then we can observe or see that a program is not working properly. we can only get rid of those programs only by using Windows Task Manager. To open Windows Task Manager user have to press keyboard keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

By pressing these keyboard keys a new screen will open in front of you which is showing a Windows Task Manager. Now in Windows Task Manager select Processes then select the program which is not working. After selecting that program press right click on it and then select end process. After clicking end process a new screen will open in front of you. on that new screen asking to really close program. Their select yes.

This is the way to cancel the program or software which is not working properly.

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