In the recent year of 2017 Dell has faced a revenue loss in its second-quarter revenue growth which is 3oo million dollars. But still, Dell managed to get 15% growth and reached $13.4 billion.

Dell didn't act according to most of the market expectations. The reason of this is more sell of low-end PC and devices. This reduces the high-end devices of Dell and reduces the profit dell gain in selling that device which is more than the profit of selling low-end printer or computer. Even Dell agreed they have done badly in their second-quarter revenue gains.

Affected by this 300 million dollar fall Dell net profit still increased by 28%. Dell gain most of the revenue by selling its mobility products which are its laptops and by selling other products and softwares which are mainly Dell printer and Dell Printer Drivers. The sales of the second quarter of Dell is also impressive as Sales of Dell laptops and notebook increased by 15%. Sales of Dell Desktop computer increase by 2% which is lesser than expected but sales of Dell Software and Printers increase by 35% which is far better than expected. Earlier growth in sales of Software and Printer is expected to be somewhere near 20%-25%.

Dell gets profit most from the united states of America which is 39% of total profit. and growing nearly 24% year over year. Dell Marketing Team now focusing more on other parts of the world to increase its share to compete with other competitors in those areas. They are confident to increase their growth and selling rate more by the third quarter of 2017.

Dell also launching more products than another competitor like HP Printer or Epson Printer in the field of Printers to gain more revenue from them. They are launching some portable and cheap printer and some other Multipurpose printer nearly every month to give customers more variety.

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